G2 Licence

Getting your G2 driver’s licence is a big step and your first chance to go behind the wheel alone. It gives you a sense of freedom plus responsibility. This guide will provide you with everything you need to get your G2 driver’s licence.

G2 Prep Course

Pass your G2 Road Test with Our Expert Guidance! Through 60+ videos this course is designed to give you all the necessary information to pass your G2 road test from the first time. We will give you detailed information on the test criteria that DriveTest examiners utilize during a G2 road test in Ontario. The sections of this course match the road test checklist used by a DriveTest examiner during a G2 road test. We will cover all common and critical errors people make on this test as well as how to avoid them. We will show you real-life scenarios that you may encounter at any time on the road or during your actual road test.

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G2 Marking Schema

This is Official Ontario DriveTest Marking Schema showing all marking you will be scored on during your G2 driving examination. It essentially breaks down your interaction with road elements into basic elements that the examiner grades you on.

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G2 Test Routes

Driving schools charge hundreds of dollars for few hours of practicing in the real G2 test route. You can get this map for the price of a burger and practice several times before going to your exam. Now you can practise the actual route whenever you want and however many times you want!

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G2 Helpful Videos

We have many helpful videos where we go through the driving test routes and explain everything that you will be evaluated on. We also have specific videos for each exercise you will be graded on. We share all the tips and tricks so you can pass your driving exam on the first try

Book Your G2 Road Test

Take the stress out of booking your next road test! We can book your exam or find recently cancelled ones so you can fast-track your road test. After booking, you will be able to reschedule or cancel your road test if required.

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Rent a car for your G2 test

Need a car for your G2 road test? We got you covered. Meet us at the Drive Test Center for 1 hour refresher lesson where we will take you through the exam route so you know what to expect. We will then let you use our car to do your G2 road test.

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